’13 Reasons Why’ is an Awareness of Mental Health


October 10th is a day that we celebrate the World Mental Health Day. I didn’t expect that we have come this far and make a lot of changes for the world. Many people been fighting for the changes, so we can be heard. Talking about mental health, how are you? How are you feelings today? I hope you are okay and if you don’t please looking for help.

Anyways, have you ever watched “13 Reasons Why?”

In 2017, Netflix released a TV show entitled “13 Reasons Why”. The series is based on the novel by Jay Asher with the same title. “13 Reasons Why” is the story of Hannah Baker, a high schooler who commits suicide. So many pros and cons about the mental issues raised in this series. Let’s discuss more…


Are you aware of your mental health?

Talking about mental health is not easy for some people. Sometimes we didn’t even realize that we are needing help. How about you? Try to close your eyes and think ‘are you feeling okay now?’ ‘is there any burden that makes your shoulder heavy?’ or ‘what am I thinking of one fine day in my life?’

There are so many reasons why we feel sad, just like Hannah Baker. She has 13 reasons why she should ends her life. In the movie, we can see that she faced a lot of things in her life. Hannah Baker herself became the proof that mental health is matter.


So, what should we do?

As a human, we surely have some problems in our life. Sometimes we never know our limits and how to reach for help. Career, business, education, romance, family and even traffic jams can all contribute to disrupting a person’s mental stability. Many demands in life that are accompanied by pressure, it is not surprising that someone will easily feel stress which can lead to mental health disorders.

Having mental health disorder can leads to a lot of negative things. As we can say, character, behavior and personality slowly can change. This is the thing that we have been worrying since a long time ago.

So, what should we do?

First, control your emotions. Sort out what,ve people said and don’t listen to the bad things that they’ve done. Looking for help if they cross the line. Second, telling others about your problems. You may feel like ‘they won’t understand my pain/problem, why would I tell them about my story?’.

Look, here’s a thing.. The only reason why you need to share the story is because you can lessen the burden in your shoulders. Hannah Baker in the movie never actually tell her friends about her problem. Until she feels like nobody is care about her. Accident by accident happened and she started to feel like ‘nobody cared’.

Besides that, you can have another small steps to take care of your mental health. Such as…

  1. Try new things, as we can know we only live once. So, don’t be scared and try all the new things that you have been wanting it.
  2. Do sports, hobby, meditation and something that you like. Take a rest and have a me time for your self.

We do really need to make a list so we won’t get overwhelmed. Reflect everything and take a break. You are not a robot and please remember be kind to everyone. You don’t have the reasons why you need to be cruel to people.


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